TNWBF 2018 – The Year We Got Much Closer to One Another

Hello TN Winter Beer Fest Fans!

First, thank you for joining us yesterday and for supporting this event as well as New Hope Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center. We couldn’t do it without you!

Second, yesterday did not go the way we had planned. We were excited to have gotten a slightly larger tent than what we had last year – a little longer and a little wider. At 1:30 we had the silent auction set up under the tent and several brewers set up and ready to go with several others getting placed. A series of wind bursts came through and moved the tent a total of 4 feet, bent a pole and put a few others in awkward positions. It was frightening. At that point it became clear that we couldn’t use the tent, safety first. An all hands on deck was announced and we pulled everything inside – which, while not ideal, was our only option. We apologize for how cozy it got in there. Once we all figured out how to communicate the space upstairs and the rain let up so we could also go outside, things seemed to smooth out. Rest assured, we’ll be reviewing these events as we look towards 2019. We appreciate all the kind words and understanding yesterday – you all are awesome!

We want to thank our brewers, sponsors, bands, those that donated to the silent auction and our volunteers who made this event happen – who jumped in and helped, who believe in New Hope and this event – we appreciate you so much!

A big thank you to our all-volunteer board who, without you, there would be no fest at all.

As soon as the dust settles, we’ll announce when we’ll be presenting a big silly check to New Hope – hope you can join us.

Thank you and cheers!